FT Strategies
We’re a boutique consulting firm inside the Financial Times.


About Us


We know how hard change is to achieve, because we’ve been navigating digital disruption since 1999.


In 1999 the FT was almost wholly reliant on advertising, a revenue stream that was starting to decline year-on-year. We decided to focus on building direct relationships with our readers, transforming into a subscription based news service. We optimised those relationships by formulating a single customer-centric metric, a data point used to unify decision making.

In 2019 we surpassed our own subscriber goals, helping to future proof our business. Now we want to help others do the same.


We’ve seen what it takes to drive data led change in an operational business. And we have a unique blend of industry experience, models and specialists to help take you from theory to execution.

We’re already working with a number of media organisations, helping them answer critical business questions.

What our clients say about us

Our ambition is for Penguin.co.uk to become the number one online destination for book discovery for readers. We are working with the FT Strategies team to learn from their experience and expertise to establish an outcome-driven model that will allow us to test, learn and scale to help us achieve that goal.  As an editorally-led business who has embraced digital, we have found FT Strategies to be a highly credible partner bringing affinity, ambition and expertise.
— Hannah Telfer, MD for Audiences and Audio at Penguin Random House UK