FT Strategies
We’re a boutique consulting firm inside the Financial Times.


Our Capabilities


Customer Engagement

Put customer centricity at the heart of your product by identifying what your customers truly value.

To truly understand your customers - and what they value - you need to start with collecting and analysing customer-centric data
— Tom Betts, Chief Data Officer

Culture Change

Build a data-first organisation and unify your people through alignment around a single metric of success.

Culture change has to start from the outside in, with the customer at the centre
— Harriet Wright, Head of Client Projects

Advanced Analytics

Diagnose issues, find the drivers of value, and identify key metrics for improvement.

Lots of product based metrics don’t give the insight you’re looking for. Diving deeper into customer metrics is critical.
— McKinley Muir Hyden, Head of Insights

Membership & Subscription

Utilise industry leading data science to drive loyalty, reduce churn & serve customers better.

Every media company needs to focus on its audiences’ habits to survive and thrive. Subscription is built off the habits of an audience.
— Uma Patel, Analyst

Digital Innovation

Experiment, innovate and rapidly prototype new customer models, building a strategy for change.

Innovation is about giving the people who know your customers best - your team - the freedom to experiment with new ideas, products and practices. There’s no reason corporates shouldn’t do as well as startups
— Barry Whyte, Managing Director (Interim)