We don’t just talk about

our values, we live them

Everything about FT Strategies is governed by

three foundational, non-negotiable values.

Our values

Inclusivity, client excellence
and entrepreneurship

Our values matter deeply; we live them out, we don’t just talk about them. They shape everything about FT Strategies, from who we hire and who we promote, to the clients we work with, what we do for them, and how we work with them.


We foster an inclusive environment for exceptional people to excel. We are a collaborative and diverse team, with a culture of relationships which are marked by empowerment, empathy and integrity.

Client excellence

Through deep relationships and excellent work, we deliver what clients really need over the long term. Our excellence builds deep client relationships and delivers sustainable impact, by focusing on what they genuinely need, through how we solve problems, communicate solutions, and work with our teams and our clients to ‘get things done’ practically.


Every employee has an entrepreneurial role to play in the sustainable growth of our flourishing business, as we scale our team, our expertise, our external relationships, our range of capabilities and our brand.

It feels like a family. There’s an incredible sense of connection. I am encouraged and empowered to question and challenge, and my input is always appreciated by my colleagues and our clients.

Isabella Croes Consultant
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