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A well-respected French financial newspaper wanted to leverage the FT’s experience to capitalise on its growth opportunities in B2B, so it could most efficiently capture its market share and grow its revenue.


We helped the client set up a strategy to accelerate its B2B monetisation and define the best operating model to achieve it. We shared our deep expertise in B2B through a series of workshops featuring senior FT practitioners, focusing on the principles of B2B monetisation, acquisition & prospecting, retention & expansion and defining their value proposition.

As part of the workshops, we shared insights uncovered from in-depth analysis of their current B2B offering; spanning across topics such as pricing, customer acquisition, customer retention, and lifetime value (LTV) of customers across industries.

At the end of the engagement, we developed a best-in-practice playbook for the client to validate any future B2B operations. We supplemented this with a framework of milestones to manage change and investment risk.


  • Strategic recommendations for pricing, customer acquisition & prospecting, retention & expansion, and customer targeting, identified and validated through data.
  • Tactical recommendations across all stages of the ‘FT Strategies B2B Growth Flywheel’, targeted at developing well-rounded B2B sales, marketing and customer success capabilities.
  • Detailed overview of FT’s own B2B journey and tactics, delivered through workshops by senior practitioners in our B2B team.
  • B2B playbook, based on FT experience, covering the pillars of B2B monetisation.
  • Benchmarking of the client’s operations against best practice for each B2B monetisation pillar, supported by 2 year roadmaps with practical actions to take.

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