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Artificial Intelligence in Media and Publishing

Wednesday 14 June | 11am BST

Artificial Intelligence is the result of two converging trends - exponential growth in data and exponential growth in compute power - and we have reached a pivotal point in both. Recent advances in generative AI have caused some to herald the coming of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which would be a true paradigm shift for the digital economy.

If Large Language Models (LLMs) become a primary source of information, then how will this impact search engine traffic? How can publishers maintain a focus on quality journalism, and what is the role of journalistic institutions in a world where it is easy to generate believable yet false content?

Publishers should also recognise that these recent advancements represent the cutting-edge; but simpler and more established forms of AI are already being used by businesses to support the customer lifecycle. AI can be used to automate repetitive processes, create deep insight for decision-making, and dynamically personalise customer interactions.

In this exclusive webinar on 14 June, we will explore how to start applying AI to the customer lifecycle, and how to scale an AI capability by taking into account the elements which set AI apart from other fields of data analysis.

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