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Rapid Response

About the programme

Optimise and experiment with your digital reader revenue journey.

The Rapid Response Sprint helps publishers solve a specific business challenge they are currently facing. This is achieved through practical demonstrations and guided activities focused on prototyping and testing high-potential opportunities with real customers. The programme gives participants a working prototype of a fresh approach, greater clarity on the way forward, and a problem-solving process that teams can continue to apply after the end of the Sprint.

Note: All are programmes are sponsored by the Google News Initiative and are thus free of charge.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for publishers with a reasonable stream of digital reader revenue, now looking to optimise and experiment.

To make the most of it, each participating publisher will need to send a cross functional team who are able to dedicate 5 days across 2 weeks to develop and iterate on new solutions.p n their transition to digital reader revenue.

  • Publisher has been offering paid subscription or memberships for over 6 months and has more than 1,000 paying subscribers
  • Can dedicate a cross-functional team of 4+ people to the 10 day programme
  • Typical headcount: 50+
  • Typical online monthly unique visitors: 250,000+

Programmes currently accepting applications for dates throughout 2022.

Programme overview

A 10-day programme based on Google's Sprint methodology, designed to formulate solutions to your most critical business problems.

Participants embark on a 10-day journey involving 5 stages: Mapping, Sketching, Deciding, Prototyping, and Testing. This incredibly efficient methodology allows participants to de-risk hypotheses, save valuable time, and fast-forward to seeing a finished product along with customer reactions, without making expensive commitments to research and product development.


Testimonials from programme alumni

“We found the Rapid Response programme extremely enlightening and helped us think about how we approach specific problems in a different way. During the sprint we discovered new tools and processes that we can adopt internally to help improve key metrics. The key things it highlighted was how invaluable it is to A/B test across the funnel and to gather - and act on - regular customer feedback.”
James Skelton, Head of Marketing, JPI Media

“An intensive but really useful two weeks. The opportunity to hear from industry leaders was really valuable, and has helped me to come up with all sorts of ideas and things for us to test and try out moving forward.”
James Crouch, Product Manager, Newsquest

“A slick and assured programme that helped deliver a meaningful solution to a business challenge - in what felt like record time!”
Leisa Millar, Head of Audience Development, DC Thomson

“Having the Rapid Response team delve into our website, our way of working and help us come up with solutions to help us grow, was invaluable. We learned a lot in a short space of time.“
Ben McPartland, Managing Editor, The Local

“Loved the content and the way it was presented and moderated by the team!”
Jonathan Landau, Head of Digital Products, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“A thoughtfully constructed programme, built using the expertise of the FT team that can assist publishers as they reimagine their businesses for a direct to consumer, mobile first, post-pandemic world.”
Steve Dempsey, Group Director of Publishing Products, Irish Independent

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