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Towards your North Star: The Outcomes of the European GNI Subscriptions Lab

The European GNI Subscriptions Lab is a collaborative effort by the Google News Initiative (GNI), the International News Media Association (INMA) and FT Strategies.

The nine-month programme aims to help news publishers strengthen their digital subscriptions capabilities and grow reader revenue at a time of significant disruption to traditional advertising business models.

This report shares key learnings from the first European GNI Subscriptions Lab, in which eight European publishers participated. The programme helps publishers accelerate their reader revenue streams by creating a reader-first strategy and culture, optimising reader engagement and building an outcome-driven ‘North Star’ strategy.

The first section of this report, Part 1: Building a Subscription-First Company, discusses the challenges often encountered by publishers on their journey to becoming subscription- led businesses, and how to overcome them.

The second section of the report, Part 2: Optimising the Subscription Lifecycle, shares key success factors, best practices and experiments from the GNI Subscriptions Lab. These examples have helped publishers optimise performance at the various stages of the subscription lifecycle.

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