Inspiring and co-developing a North Star framework


A client was seeking to refine their strategy through a new methodology. They asked FT Strategies to provide the team with the fundamentals for the North Star methodology, inspire their team with industry best practices and help co-create a goal and framework.


FT Strategies engaged the client in over a few weeks engagement including:

  • Cross-department client interviews to help shape the workshop design
  • Four half day sessions comprising inspiration sessions from FT experts, seminars on industry best practice, and workshops to develop an initial North Star framework and practical course of action
  • Delivery of a North Star management tool to ensure ongoing benefits from new techniques learned


  • Identified key opportunities for improvement focusing on engagement and retention
  • Empowered the team through the North Star methodology and goal with a clear road forward to build a robust strategy
  • Helped instill a hypothesis-driven, rigorous methodology to test new ideas
  • Defined next course of actions to accelerate their strategy

“Inspiring workshops that give hands-on tips for how to go about your work starting tomorrow, and that give you the energy to look at your business challenges in a new way.”

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