Uncovering key customer insights for a European fintech provider


A European fintech provider of subscriptions management technology were interested in publishing a thought leadership report around the subscription economy. In particular, they wanted to identify key insights that were cutting edge and relevant to the ongoing changes to inflation and other macroeconomic factors in 2022. However, they required additional support on the types of questions to ask that would resonate with the wider industries.


During the engagement, our activities included:

  • Co-development of the primary research program, designing the interview and survey questions
  • Analysis of responses to develop key insights
  • Quality control and assessment of the report findings
  • Support on the promotion of the report by participating in relevant marketing channels


  • Produced a Subscriptions Economy Report with key insights which covered:
  • Subscription merchants perspective on measures to better engage and retain users
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour from 2000+ respondents from the UK and US and how these were evolving post-pandemic and with the increased cost of living
  • Analysis of thought leaders 20 interviews from banking and fintech and their outlook on the subscriptions economy
  • Co-branded report with the client and FT Strategies promoted across a variety of channels including conferences, webinars and press release

“Thanks very much for your comprehensive and insightful feedback. We really appreciate it!”

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