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Supporting the growth of the National Theatre’s new on-demand streaming platform

After the National Theatre's successful launch of their online streaming service during the pandemic, they approached our team to support them in making it a sustainable and continuous revenue stream. We worked collaboratively to create a roadmap towards a sustainable subscription model and provided practical advice on reducing subscriber churn.

Director of Digital, Emma Keith, said "their knowledge of subscription businesses is unparalleled and backed up with real-world experience. They challenged us to think outside our comfort zone in a supported yet rigorous way".

How we can help

We power customer growth through creative and dynamic digital transformation strategies from conception to execution.

Staffed by the experts who successfully transformed the FT’s business model in the face of disruption, FT Strategies can help you to exceed your ambitions by delivering a sustainable growth strategy that will improve your customer engagement, retention, revenue and profit.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help you move forward, faster.

Acquire new customers

We use data and metrics to build a picture of who your prospects are so you can identify, understand, attract and engage the right people and the right time. Our expert consultants will guide you through:

  • Customer segmentation and persona development
  • Content discovery and distribution strategies
  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Audience engagement and diversification
  • Editorial innovation and content strategy

Monetise Assets

Pricing can be a thorny topic. Charge too high and you won’t retain your customers. Charge too low and you’ll miss out on opportunities for growing your recurring revenue. How can you gauge your customers’ willingness to pay, increase ARPU through optimised pricing, and avoid cannibalisation? Our monetisation experts will help you understand:

  • Price sensitivity and optimum price points
  • Engagement-based and dynamic pricing
  • Cross-selling and upselling existing customers
  • Lifetime value modelling

Drive Engagement

FT Strategies help financial organisations create a base of highly engaged customers, reduce churn, increase LTV and ARPU by defining exactly what engagement means to you, and building an analytical foundation to influence your customer’s engagement patterns. We specifically focus on:

  • Defining your North Star metric
  • Customer segmentation and personalisation strategies
  • Creating a customer engagement programme
  • Next best action modelling
  • Measuring value using data and analytics

Boost Retention & Lifetime Value

Customers become loyal when they’re highly engaged and connected to your brand, mission and values. That’s why it’s crucial to understand where they are in the decision-making process, so you can predict triggers for churn and create a strong safety net at each step of the customer lifecycle. Our retentions solutions focus on:

  • CRM and customer engagement strategies
  • Loyalty and winback strategies
  • Involuntary churn and payment optimisation
  • Churn prediction and Lifetime value modelling
  • Dynamic pricing and rightsizing

Digital Transformation

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help you create a clear roadmap with key metrics to measure success along the way. Our digital transformation solutions include:

  • An organisational diagnostic and cultural assessment
  • A clear roadmap to accelerate transformation across your organisation
  • Implementing a North Star methodology
  • A capabilities assessment, so you know where to prioritise your resources for maximum results
  • A strategy to build a recurring revenue model

Meet the FT Strategies team

The FT Strategies consulting team work hand-in-hand with the subject matter experts who delivered the Financial Times digital transformation. This model means we don’t stop at building the strategy. Our network of practitioners bring first hand experience of putting strategy to practice and driving tangible business results.

Jon Slade
Chief Commercial Officer
Tara Lajumoke
Managing Director
Aled John
Deputy Managing Director
George Adelman
Daisy Donald
George Montagu
Head of Data and Insights
Tony Leung
Commercial Lead
Niall Crozier
Senior Manager
Lettie Debenham
Senior Manager
Tim Part
Senior Manager
Spartak Sofiykov
Isabella Croes
Senior Consultant
Edouard Gilbert
Senior Consultant
Aliya Itzkowitz
Senior Consultant
Ben Whitelaw
Senior Consultant
Zak Lalani

How can we help you?

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