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Our client, a European news publisher, had been relatively successful in increasing their reach and traffic to their website through SEO. They had concluded that digital subscriptions was a priority for the company, and they wanted to increase their engagement levels as well as conversions into loyal subscribers. Having committed to transforming their print-centric business model into a digital-first model, they wanted some help building a roadmap to create a thriving reader-centric organisation.


FT Strategies delivered a subscription acceleration programme over several months, focusing on building an ambitious subscription strategy aiming at converting 40k new subscribers, and building a roadmap for the organisation’s reader-centric capabilities. After an in-depth diagnostic of the publication’s subscription performance, we identified key opportunities around engagement and conversion of readers, built the execution roadmap through a North Star Strategy Roadmap, and guided the implementation of tools and processes that allowed reader-centricity and organisation alignment.


After implementing four high profile experiments we achieved:

  • x2 social click-through by promoting content based on a new article score.
  • +10% conversion due to experimentation on the paywall.
  • North Star strategy with clear outcomes, ROI-prioritised initiatives and roadmap to deliver 5m in additional revenue / 40k new subscribers by 2023
  • Data-enhanced newsroom through the implementation of a new article score to drive content planning and distribution.
  • Engagement-centric organisation through the definition of a North Star objective, metric and outcome-driven governance.

This is a new form of consulting! You’re coming with the brains and FT experience. First time in my entire career I’ve worked with consultants that already know the business before they come into the situation and work in this impactful way. You’re changing consulting for the better!

Chief Digital Officer

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