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A well-known food media business that had traditionally been involved with cookbooks, TV programmes and digital content wanted to explore a digital subscriptions product that utilised existing content and provided new services to their customers.


First, we led a discovery phase to develop the strategic rationale for a new D2C proposition. We identified a £5M opportunity over three years and validated it using data. Through research, surveys, interviews and a series of workshops - including prototypes and propensity to pay tests - we validated the target audience, customer problems and potential solutions. Following this, we created a roadmap and business plan covering digital content, the product offering, skills required and a tech strategy. Finally, we established a dedicated cross-functional project team with full senior leadership and Board support to drive forward the launch and roll-out of the product.


  • An opportunity of £5M in three years identified and validated through data
  • A roadmap & business plan on content, product, capabilities and tech strategy
  • Investment in a new D2C strategy
  • The client enlisted a new team with cross-functional members and new talent to implement the strategy
  • A successful product launch available on iOS and website

Without the work you and your team did, we wouldn’t be should all be very proud of getting us here.

Chief Revenue Officer

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