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FT Strategies provides the expert insight, integrity and consulting excellence required to transform your future based on real world, first-hand experience.

We work together with you to empower your ambitions by delivering a sustainable growth strategy, built upon leading-edge capabilities that improve your customer engagement, retention, revenues and profit.

We transformed the FT from a 130 year old legacy print brand into a thriving digital model. We've learnt from our success - and mistakes - and built up practical best-in-class expertise - which we're sharing with businesses like yours to help you thrive in the digital economy.

Our team

The FT Strategies team brings over 100 years' experience in distinctive

problem solving, thought leadership and transformational expertise.

Tara Lajumoke
Managing Director
Jon Slade
Chief Commercial Officer
Aled John
Deputy Managing Director
Daisy Donald
George Adelman
Lisa MacLeod
Tim Part
Senior Manager
Luis Meirinhos
Senior Manager
Niall Crozier
Senior Manager
Maciej Bugala
Programme Manager
Sonja Kirschner
Strategic Marketing Lead
Claudia Bloomfield
Strategic Talent Lead
Tony Leung
Commercial Lead
George Montagu
Subscription Strategy Lead
Aliya Itzkowitz
Senior Consultant
Rumyana Nikolova
Senior Consultant
Edouard Gibert
Senior Consultant
Isabella Croes
Senior Consultant
Emanuele Porfiri
Senior Data Analyst
Sahas Bhatia
Fraser Harding
Associate Consultant
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