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Demystifying first party data

Do you understand first party data and why it is crucial for commercial success?

First party data underpins the critical growth engines within media businesses (whether that is news publishing, video on demand, or broadcasting).

In this on-demand webinar, FT Strategies Subscription Strategy Lead, George Montagu not only covers the essentials of first party data, but also guides you in the steps you can take to develop your first party data for commercial success and factor it into your strategy. It includes an interactive Workshop that the FT Strategies team typically run with clients.

Watch the preview, or access the full video via the button below.

Access the full video to learn about:

  • What first party data assets actually are, what they can bring to your business and how you can start developing them for commercial success
  • What the upcoming end of third party cookies in 2023 means and how you can prepare for it
  • How you can strategically approach the collection and use of first part data
  • How you can build your first party data roadmap - including an interactive workshop FT Strategies typically run with clients
  • The four principles that make up the FT's first party data strategic vision
  • How the FT has successfully addressed some of their major first party data challenges

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