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Adweek, a US-based advertising trade publication was at a critical point in its illustrious history. Despite its early success in scaling subscriptions, there was a need to accelerate this growth. How could they better serve their audience in the face of increased competition and changing consumer habits? Adweek's new CEO, Juliette Morris, identified this opportunity and wanted to transform Adweek into a digital-first membership business to drive long-term, sustainable growth.


A four-month collaborative engagement which followed a three-phase process:

  • Discover: Identify the most valuable growth opportunities by understanding customer needs more deeply
  • Develop: Redesign the existing membership value proposition
  • Launch readiness: Create a ‘North Star’ for membership and build a launch roadmap


  • Compelling B2C & B2B membership value proposition, with the potential to generate multi-million revenue streams
  • Capabilities needed to support the refreshed value proposition identified
  • Robust roadmap setting out the detailed delivery to implement the revised value proposition
  • Experimentation framework to help run tests for activities in the roadmap containing uncertainty
  • ‘Mission’ based teams assigned to drive effective delivery with a clear set of metrics to impact to realise the vision

“I am so grateful for the work we have done together over the past 4 months - it has been a tremendous learning experience. You have put us on such a strong path for success.”

Juliette Morris CEO, Adweek

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