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Commercial sustainability in journalism: a global view

News consumption has declined by 4% globally - so how can publishers transform into a commercially sustainable business?

In this on-demand seminar from FIPP’s World Media Congress 2022, FT Strategies Principal and Publishing Lead, Lisa MacLeod discusses the global context of commercial and financial sustainability in publishing and the various challenges businesses are facing. This session includes exclusive insights from our latest sustainability project, helping you shape your future strategy.

Watch the teaser video, then click the button bellow to access the full seminar and slide deck.

Access the full video to learn about:

  • The pressures that have affected publishers around the world
  • The main challenges for commercial sustainability, and how these differ from the global north to global south
  • How the shift to digital reader revenue is shaping the future of the publishing industry
  • Insight into FT Strategies latest sustainability project that aims to define and measure sustainability, then use that measurement to strategise global and regional scale
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